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14 Things That Will Go Horribly Wrong With Amazon Key, According to Twitter

Just walk right in, why don’t ya?

You don’t become a global retail giant without a little innovation, as that’s the case with Amazon, having gone from just selling books to “selling whatever the f*** I want.” Well, as you may know, Amazon didn’t just stop there, having gone on to featuring warehouse robots and stores where you don’t have to deal with a cashier.

Amazon has innovated once again, offering to deliver packages directly to your door, or if you’ll let them, inside your home. With Amazon Key, the delivery driver will have access to open your dwelling, dropping your package off inside. We’re guessing this is to keep your packages safe from passersby, but can’t help but feel it leaves the delivery driver susceptible to being stalked and followed inside.

Either way, Twitter heard the news and the Twittersphere had a field day. Check out the best tweets below.

1. That’s an extra charge, though.

2. He shall accept you as you are.

3. This ended differently than expected.

4. Craig’s just not what it used to be.

5. The drivers might be in more danger.

6. Is there a cat-back guarantee?

7. Cheaper than doing it yourself.

8. Unlawful loophole.

9. And take your dog for a walk.

10. FedEx respects your privacy.

11. Too bad it’s not free.

12. Let’s play a game.

13. *applies for Amazon*

14. Everything and nothing.