17 Masturbation Tweets You Wish Weren’t So Relatable

Masturbation ain’t a hobby to put on your Tinder.

Masturbation. Although most don’t like to admit it, it’s a part of us all. You get a little alone time with nothing planned in the near future, and before you know it, you’ve gotten yourself off and you’re damn proud of it too. And it’s ok. Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, these tweets might exemplify exactly how you feel.

1. Counterproductive.

2. When you look at it like that…

3. Seeking a second opinion.

4. It’s just not possible.


6. Tears double as lube.

7. Walls have had enough.

8. Meows falling on deaf ears.

9. Go hard to go home.

10. No ragrets.

11. You gave it a good shot.

12. For easier cleanup.

13. Back in my day…

14. Jerking the time away.

15. Like some road dogs.

16. Share some of that best life you got there.

17. Resolved.