These 22 Crude Comics Hilariously Illustrate How Millennials Spend Their Free Time

Don’t believe the hype. Instagram models and their extravagantly photogenic lifestyles are horrendously fabricated. While you might think they’re living their best life and making you feel like a broke degenerate, you’d be surprised to know we’re all in the same half-depressed boat. Check the comics down below and see if they’re relatable.

(h/t @benisright)

1. Gonna try really hard this school year.

2. The morning after.

3. Me on Inauguration Day.

4. Only 1 left.

5. All wrapped up.

6. What’s for dessert?

7. Fun night in.

8. Brunch.

9. Feels like summer.

10. Besties.

11. Monday funday.

12. Me, not replying to your texts.

13. You ever get really stoned and have a full on conversation with yourself in the mirror?

14. Monday, again.

15. I can’t right now. I’m really busy.

16. Fitspo.

17. Welcome home.

18. Let’s be friends.

19. I’ll be out in 5.

20. I got 3 moods.

21. The perfect man doesn’t exi-.

22. Staying inside, waiting for 2018.