22 Stomach-Churning Tales From The Emergency Room

Whatever it is, it probably doesn’t belong in your butt.

If you’re going to make a trip to the emergency room, you’d better have a good reason. For instance, if you hear a crack, call an ambulance. Better safe than sorry, is our motto. These 22 people below, on the other hand, might have waited too long to call for professional help.

1. Give her some O2 instead.

2. Fat guys need love, too.

3. Let’s see how long he can hold out.

4. A Home Depot cock ring doesn’t count as birth control.

5. If it hurts, GET IT CHECKED OUT.

6. When seeing blood is a good thing.

7. Rule of thumb: don’t ever put anything in your eye.

8. Hopefully that’s the only thing you found in there.

9. Go back and check if you’re pregnant.

10. And what did you do provoke the horse?

11. Magnets don’t go on your privates? The more you know.

12. No words.

13. There’s such thing as an ambulance fee, though.

14. This is what a real [stupid] man looks like.

15. Wow, he was serious.

16. Another one off the sexual bucket list.

17. Prepare to gag.

18. Local news is really stepping it up.

19. Well, this is a new way of getting ahold of drugs.

20. In this episode of “What Not To Put Up Your Butt.”

21. There’s a chance you have cancer and you don’t know it yet.

22. The “butt stuff” trend needs to end.