These 23 Seinfeld Tweets Will Make You Wish The Show Was Still On The Air

How much money does Jerry want for a remake?

It’s been almost 20 years since Seinfeld went off the air, but it’s safe to say the sitcom’s fans haven’t quite gotten over it. So much so, someone has taken the liberty of keeping the iconic series alive 140 characters at a time, tweeting modernized scenarios that feel eerily Seinfeld-like. Take a look at some of the best @SeinfeldToday tweets and try to believe it’s not Jerry himself behind the keyboard.

1. Is she too “out there?”

2. Leave it to Kramer.

3. Because it never works out like that.

4. Is speed-dating still a thing?

5. No deal.

6. Rents out apartment to rent it out.

7. Yeah, that should work.

8. This relationship won’t last.

9. Lifetime supply of 11″ longs.

10. It’s the AIDS walk all over again.

11. Probably Puddy.

12. Ends up getting banned.

13. Millennial tendencies.

14. Viserion dies.

15. A big no-no.

16. Non-negotiable.

17. 😱.

18. Got the job on false pretenses.

19. Knows him better than his ex did.

20. Aaand he’s dying.

21. Kramer seems anti-Starbucks, though.

22. And on the no-fly list.

23. What’s good for the goose.