25 Vulgar Comics To Send To Your Dirty-Minded Friends

Remember when you used to get called “immature” or told to “grow up” for making sex jokes? Well, in case you were wondering, you never quite grow up past crude comedy. Think we’re lying? Check out these comics and we dare you to try to not to giggle even a little bit.

(h/t @extrafabulous_comics)

1. We’ll pass.

2. Amen.

3. #FishingGoals

4. Bad investment.

5. Wrong number.

6. Such beautiful music.

7. A pioneer.

8. Ambiguous.

9. Custody battle.

10. Problems solved.

11. Take the good with the unsightly.

12. Diversity.

13. Friends don’t do this to friends.

14. Dude, why.

15. Destroyed.

16. Banana is his one man.

17. F*cking up.

18. Fandom in a nutshell.

19. The best vibes.

20. If only.

21. Never forget the first rodeo.

22. A part of us all.

23. Bad to the bone.

24. Too cool.

25. Mission accomplished.