Another Game of Thrones Episode Down, And Twitter Couldn’t Wait To React

They’ve gone #BeyondTheWall, and brought back these tweets.

Although the episode leaked earlier this week, talk of the episode has thankfully been kept to a minimum. Now that it’s been officially relinquished to the general public (and after 80 charged minutes), Twitter has erupted as expected. As you can expect, no topic or reference is out of bounds in the Twittersphere. Check out the tweets below.

1. Just like that.

2. No deal.

3. Winter is really in this b*tch.

4. Equal blame.

5. Faster than an African Swallow


6. He’s gotta be behind this, somehow.

7. No logic allowed #BeyondTheWall.

8. Double standards.

9. This too much.

10. WALL-Mart.

11. Same feeling.

12. Not Tormund!

13. Relevant.

14. One does not simply die once.

15. She killed it.

16. Like, come on, dude.

17. It’s not fair.

18. Hold my beer.

19. Javelin King.

20. Gotta coordinate.

21. Asking the real questions.

22. Subtle Disney plug.

23. Mr. Ben D. Knee

24. Popin’ ain’t easy.

25. Must. Steal. Emotions.

26. HR will hear about this.

27. It’s all starting to come together.

28. Don’t come for Sansa.

29. Kissing would be a letdown.

30. She’ll probably still leave him on ‘Read.’

31. No dragonglass for yo’ azz.

32. Call a damn ambulamb.

33. Animals bringing humans together.

34. The Spirit of Rose strikes again.

35. With the game winner.