Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel And They’re Just Brutal

Shoutout to Jimmy for subjecting himself to this.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that has 56k dialup internet that cuts out when people call you on your landline, you’re probably familiar with Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets’ segment. Regardless, its title is pretty self-explanatory; celebrities sit in front of a camera and read insulting tweets directed at them from “fans.”

Well, Mr. Kimmel turned 50 years old recently, so his show’s producers decided to have a number of celebrities read mean tweets like usual, but this time, they’d be reading tweets…about Jimmy.

We’ve taken the liberty of screencapping all of the celebrities just in case you can’t watch video right now. But if you can, the video is embedded at the bottom.

1. Howard might be into that.

2. Very precise.

3. Life goals.

4. Doesn’t matter. Still a god.

5. Don’t drag David into this.

6. Stop animal abuse.

7. Look who’s talking.

8. Spud.

9. Been there. Googled that.

10. Physically impossible.

11. Someone photoshop this.

12. Just turn your head sideways.

13. Check who tweeted that.

14. When you see it.

15. Kimmel is a heartthrob.

16. Projecting.

17. Try different jokes.

18. They never wanna see you shine.

19. Uncanny resemblance.