These Grandparents Tried Their Best, But They Failed Comically

Grandparents are too pure for this world and we do not deserve them. They have a level of innocence only matched by children. Somewhere in that middle part of life, most of us lose that child-like wonder, but these elderly folks still have it in bunches.

They tried, and that’s all that really counts… right?

This adorable grandmother tried to take her very first selfie.

And it worked, mostly. She might’ve made it a little more complicated than it needed to be with the whole “mirror-ception” thing, but at least she got the picture.

Also, of course she has one of those fuzzy toilet seat covers. Of course.

“Went to visit my grandparents and found they framed a selfie I took.”

Whether they’re taking them or framing them, they don’t quite understand how it works. But that’s part of the beauty of it all.

“My grandma thought this was a cross so she hung it up. I decided not to correct her.”

Little did she know — it was an 8-bit Minecraft sword. Her grandson didn’t have the heart to tell her though, so he just let her keep the illusion alive. How sweet.

She should hang out with this other grandmother, who also has some odd “religious” items.


But seriously, how does this bracelet even exist? And where did she get it? Because I kind of want one.

Grandpa had one job and he tried…sort of?

I mean, at least he bothered to write his name on there.

Grandparents are the best gift givers though.

My 12 year old niece does crafts with duct tape. This is what her grandma bought her for her birthday…

Or the worst depending on how you look at it. Maybe “pleasure tape” wasn’t the best gift for a 12-year-old.

Then again, it’s probably a better gift than this next one.

Get ready for the cringe.

“So, my name is Brodie Jonas Dean, my grandma found this shirt for me thinking it was a great coincidence. Thanks Grandma.

Oh man. That’s bad. That is really bad. I wonder what the person who sold it to her was thinking.

The best part is that you can see his grandma in the reflection.

At least those grandmothers tried though, which is more than you can say for this grandparent.

But at least he was upfront. I applaud the honesty here.

This grandma is SAVAGE.

Grandparents and technology just don’t get along.

Wait until you see the next one (and if you have any Apple products, prepare yourself).

Cover your iPad’s eyes.

“My girlfriend’s grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board.”

That is brutal! At least she has the screen cover on it. Still, I cringe at the thought of using an iPad as a cutting board.

I hope she didn’t put it in the dishwasher.

We all know the elderly love Facebook.

But this grandmother uses Facebook to reach out to Applebee’s to try and find her nephew. Turns out he was at Chili’s, which is an easy mistake to make.

Is this guy’s grandmother actually Jigsaw in disguise?

Because eating cookies that may or may not have screws in them sounds like some weird plot out of the Saw franchise.

Other grandparents are just too pure for us.

“Grandma sent me some Hollister, but didn’t like the shirtless man on the bag, so she sewed a shirt onto him.”

Can you think of a more grandmotherly thing to do than sew a tiny shirt onto a shirtless model on a Hollister bag? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

These adorable grandparents are too cute (and make me sad because I will never have a love like theirs).

“My grandparents were waiting for each other at the mall.”