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Did You Miss The Eclipse? Twitter Didn’t, And These 16 Tweets Are Pure Comedy

If you were looking up at the eclipse, you probably didn’t catch these lit tweets.

In case you missed it, something pretty major happened today. The moon decided to get involved in the climate change beef we (Earthlings) have with the Sun and tried to play mediator. As a result, an eclipse was formed. Too bad it only lasted for little while as it drifted over the United States. Eclipses come and go, but these tweets will last forever.

1. Whoa, the eclipse isn’t prepared for this guy.

2. *Raises phone to Snapchat eclipse*

3. And please, no photos.

4. Don’t let your moon friends block your shine.

5. If only.

6. Just the Death Star, no big deal.

7. Meanwhile in the great state of Portlandia.

8. 🌚 🌞.

9. This won’t end well.

10. What’s the worst that can happen.

11. So in right now.

12. We’re just bystanders.

13. Keep staring, it’ll come to you.

14. Wise words from Young Thug.

15. Only sometimes.

16. We’re all kazoo kids deep down.