Pastor Didn’t Open Megachurch for Hurricane Harvey Victims And Twitter Wasn’t Having It

Lord have mercy.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, Houston has been underwater for the past 48 hours, thanks to a certain Hurricane Harvey. And while the far corners of America have reached out to help the currently-flooded Bayou City, Houston can’t seem to get help from its holiest hometown heroes. If you’re familiar with Lakewood Church, you’re probably also aware of its location, but you probably didn’t know its pastor has been infamously slow to action and aid in helping the victims of this catastrophic storm. Needless to say, in these internet times, you can’t run very far without hearing what people really think about you, and the people of Twitter have spoken, loud and clear.

1. Can’t have that.

2. Grocery stores were out of Kleenex.

3. Does that work on the hurricane too?

4. His church, his choice, right? (sarcasm)

5. And that lasts forever.

6. Joel also can’t walk on water.

7. Ample supply.

8. Didn’t say all that.

9. [Missiles] fired.

10. Can’t be a regifter.

11. It’s the word[play] of God.

12. Dave Chappelle saw this coming.

13. No sugarcoating.

14. That’s a lot of doors to keep shut.

15. Exposed…

16. Mattress Mack is a municipal treasure.