“The Wedding Is Off!” After These 21 Marriage-Annulling Events

Is cheating easier than leaving someone at the altar?

Once a couple gets engaged, it’s a race to make it down the aisle. The longer it is before the wedding date, the more chances for everything to get derailed. These 21 couples started on the path toward holy matrimony, but got thrown off along the way by some of the most ridiculous and unbelievable occurrences.

1. Headstart on ’til death.

2. Just keep her away from strippers.

3. Just a short detour.

4. BroJob > no job.

5. Had to see where he gets it from.

6. Once a cheater, twice a cheater.

7. Yeah right, buddy.

8. Need more details.

9. Death at a wedding.

10. Sometimes, duking it out is the only solution.

11. She knows who she married.

12. Gotta make your marriage work for your dead friends.

13. Eliminate all threats.

14. If you can’t be with the one you love, find them.

15. It’s a bachelor party, not a frat party.

16. “Hey, just use protection.”

17. PTSD couldn’t save him from a beatdown.

18. Solid grounds for calling it off.

19. Technology is such a snitch.

20. Exes are always waiting in the wing.

21. Driving off into the sunset with…