#ThreeWordFlirting Is Trending On Twitter And You Might Have Been Doing It Wrong

Get more efficient with your pickup lines.

Welcome to the digital dating age. Where you only need to see a shirtless photo and if he likes dogs before you deem him right-swipe-worthy. So it’s only fair that with the potential for things to progress so quickly, it only makes sense that the first interaction be straight to the point as well. So much so, according to the internet, that it shouldn’t take more than three words to get things moving along. Twitter has some suggestions, in case you need help putting together an effective pickup line.

1. For breakfast, it’s 100% effective.

2. Bald faces get a swipe left.

3. Can get creepy real fast.

4. Ready for whatever.

5. So you can invite yourself.

6. Only works if you’re Drake.

7. Hopefully, your name is Will.

8. If they don’t go for this.

9. This should seal the deal.

10. When you have to resort to begging.

11. Bribery is legal when it comes to dating.

12. Not just for Valentine’s Day.

13. 50/50 chance.

14. If #13 doesn’t work.

15. 3 hands should do.

16. Always buy a large order.

17. When you slide in their DMs.